Join Wendi and Sarah on their trip to The Porch in Winston Salem!  On this trip the dorks get off in the weeds about restaurant reviews, and etiquette.  Did they enjoy their dinner?  Listen to find out!

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The Porch, Winston Salem

The Porch is in the historic Mill works buildings in Winston Salem and bosts a Tex Mex menu!  They have excellent vegan and vegetarian menu options and a beautiful out door seating area that feels secluded in the downtown area of Winston Salem.

How to Find This Place

I am not sure how to describe getting to the Porch but its a little difficult.  There isn’t good signage.  Our GPS took us to the right spot but due to the lack of signs it was a bit difficult to spot the entrance!

The Menu

The Menu is small enough that you wont feel overwhelmed but large enough that there is something for everyone.  There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options and options for the meat eaters as well.  We recommend the Puffy Tacos, and the Avocado Fries!

Price Range

Due to the fresh ingredients used the prices are a bit higher.  Meals were around the $15-$18 range.  But the food was excellent and was worth the price.

Important Tips

  • The Porch is a bit difficult to find but its worth it!
  • Go at non-busy hours, 4-6pm, they fill up fast and is a popular spot with the locals

 How to Dress for *Put Name of Restaurant*

This is a casual dining establishment, many wore shorts and t-shirts or khakis and polo shirts.


There was plenty of parking but its a gravel parking lot.  You may have to park a ways away from the restaurant if you go when they are busy.

Is This A Date Night Place

Yes!  This would be an excellent date night place, in fact there was a couple on a date at the table next to us!

What We Ordered and What We Thought

Avocado Fries – YES Delicious!

Puffy Tacos – Super good!

Beef Bulgogi Taco – Yes Richie enjoyed!

Burrito Bowl – Delicious!

Churros – Meh you can skip those

Porch Punch – NO! Super sour and tart, not at all what I expected a punch to be.

Would we go back?

Yes we would!

Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah 8/10
  • Wendi 9/10

Other Topics Covered on The Podcast

Be sure to listen to our podcast as we also discuss….

  • Favorite things:
    • Sarah – Village Fabric Shop
    • Wendi – Stokes County Animal Shelter
  • Food Flashbacks: No real flash backs for Tex Mex
  • Food History – no food history this time just reading bad reviews!
  • Off in the Weeds – restaurant etiquette

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