Amazing Thailand – Dorks with Sporks Season 3

Join Wendi and Sarah on their trip back to King, NC to try a restaurant they previously visited.  This week they are resisting Amazing Thailand!  Is it better than they previously thought?  Listen to find out!

Amazing Thailand, King NC

Wendi, Sarah, and Cliffy took a trip to King to re-taste the food at Amazing Thailand.  Sarah has moved closer and has frequented the restaurant over the past few weeks and felt like it needed another episode!

Wendi and Sarah went for lunch and tried their Sesame Chicken, their Scallion Chicken, their Spring Rolls, and their salad with their house-made peanut sauce!  The lunch specials are very inexpensive and are delicious!

How to Find Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand is located in the same shopping center as Goodwill, and Food Lion.  There is lots of parking and its right off the highway!

Amazing Thailand Menu

Amazing Thailand has two menus.  They have a scaled-back lunch menu, which includes items like Sesame Chicken, Pad Thai, and a Dorks with Sporks favorite, Pho!

Their much larger dinner menu features appetizers, like dumplings, spring rolls, and rangoons.  Their menu also features lots of foods from different Asian countries.  They have Pho, Pad Thai, Rendang, and lots of other dishes.  You can see their whole menu HERE

Price Range

The lunch specials at Amazing Thailand range in price from $7-$9!  Their lunch specials are an excellent deal, they come with a house salad, two spring rolls, and the entree.  Their dinner menu items range in price from $10-$15

Important Tips

How to Dress for Amazing Thailand

This is a casual dining establishment!  Jeans and t-shirts are ok here.

Parking at Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand is in a shopping center with a large parking lot.  There is no shortage of parking.


No special seating rules!  When you go in you can seat yourself at an open table.


No special ordering instructions but we recommend the Beef Pho!

Is This A Date Night Place

While the food is amazing at Amazing Thailand, we wouldn’t call this a date place.  If you were really looking to wow your date we have some other recommendations.  However, the food is great so it might be a date night place to you!

Server to Request?

Typically there is only one server.  The restaurant is a small place and is family-owned so the owner generally handles most of the tables.


The lunch portions are smaller than dinner but still fairly large.  Come hungry!  The dinner portions are fairly large as well.

What We Ordered and What We Thought

Wendi ordered the Scallion Chicken and Sarah ordered the Sesame Chicken.  Each entree was delicious and we would go back.  We also really loved the spring rolls and their house salad with their house peanut dressing.

Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah 9/10
  • Wendi 7/10

Other Topics Covered on The Podcast

Be sure to listen to our podcast as we also discuss…. (only put bullet point info here, teaser info)

  • Favorite things:
    • Sarah – New Vacuum
    • Wendi – New Apple Update

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