BYGood Coffee, Winston Salem, NC

Join Wendi and Sarah on their trip to downtown Winston Salem to try BYGood Coffee!  BYGood Coffee just recently opened up in the space next to DiLisio’s which Dorks with Sporks visited in a previous episode!  Does BYGood Cofee stack up next to all of the other coffee shops that we have visited?  Listen to find out!

BYGood Coffee

Wendi and Sarah visited BYGood Coffee on a sunny weekday.  Sarah had her standing order, an iced oat milk latte with just a little bit of white chocolate syrup.  Wendi ordered their seasonal special, an apple spiced dirty chia latte.

Wendi and Sarah both enjoyed their coffee!  They tasted fresh and it seemed like everything was made and roasted in-house!  They were roasting coffee beans when the dorks arrived and it smelled wonderful.

How to Find BYGood Coffee

BYGood Coffee is located at 301 Brookstowne Ave. in Winston Salem, NC.  It is in a small shopping center, that houses a boutique clothing shop and DiLisios Italian Restaurant.

It is a little harder to find since the signage at the shopping center is lacking, and makes BYGood Coffee slightly difficult to find.

The Menu

The menu consists of classic coffee favorites, like an Americana, and lattes.  They also have special drinks like their “Lemon Bundt Cake” which is milk with blended ice, lemon zest and white chocolate sauce.  They have season drinks which you can find on their menu board inside the coffee shop

Check out the menu HERE

Price Range

The different coffees and teas all range from $3-$5.  They also offer a selection of smoothies which range in price from $5-$9.  Their pastries range in price from $3-$5.

Important Tips

There is parking for the shopping center but due to it being on a slight hill it is difficult to get in and out of.  Take extra care when exiting the parking lot to make sure that there are no cars coming.  The coffee shop is down a long hallway at the back of the shopping center and can be accessed from either the parking lot or the street.

How to Dress for BYGood Coffee

Just like most coffee shops, this is a casual place!  No need to dress up unless you want to.


There is a small parking lot so parking isn’t an issue but exiting the lot can be due to the lot being on a hill.  It makes it difficult to see cars when leaving the lot.

Is This A Date Night Place

This is not a date NIGHT place but it would be a cute coffee shop for a first meeting or for a quick coffee date.


The coffee size are pretty typical of coffee houses.  They have a 12 oz and 16 oz option for the coffee.

What We Ordered and What We Thought

Sarah ordered a small iced oat milk latte with a little bit of white chocolate.  Wendi ordered their seasonal Apple spiced dirty chia tea latte.  Sarah and Wendi both enjoyed their coffees and would go back if we were in the area.

Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah – 7/10
  • Wendi – 9/10

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