Clutch Coffee Bar – Winston Salem, DWS Season 3 EP # 5

Clutch Coffee Bar

Join Wendi, Sarah, and backseat driver Richie on their trip to Clutch Coffee Bar! 

This is Sarah and Richie’s regular coffee spot…did they love it today?  Did the coffee come in clutch?? (I can’t believe that I made that joke…)  Listen to find out!



Clutch Coffee was founded in 2015 by John, Darren, and Jake!  Together they have several years of coffee experience and decided to open their own coffee shop.  Their goals were to “Launch a business that combines our obsession for elevating the lost art of customer service with our undeniable passion for coffee.”

Iced drink in clear plastic cup

Another of Clutch Coffee’s missions is to give back to the community.  To date, they have donated $39,336.07 to different charities and organizations.  They also take community input about the charities they donate to on their website!  You can find that form here

iced chocolate drink in clear cup

They offered a rewards program as well!  You get points for every coffee you buy.  Once you get to a certain number of points you receive a free coffee.  Richie and Sarah did the math…so take this with a grain of salt…but it’s roughly buying 10 coffees or drinks and the next is free!

Clutch Coffee Bar Menu

Clutch Coffee menu board

Clutch Coffee has an extensive menu with lots of syrups and flavors to add to coffee.  They offer classic drinks like lattes, Mochas, Cold Brew, Americanos, Chia Tea Lattes.  They also offer Energy drinks to which they add syrups.  They have iced teas, juices, shakes, smoothies, and some pastries.  Something that we love about Clutch Coffee is its extensive sugar-free syrup list.  They offer:

Macadamia Nut


Irish Cream



in a sugar-free version.  This is really great for Richie since he is diabetic and recently…large coffee shop chains *cough cough sounds like arebucks…* removed all but one or two of their sugar-free syrups and removed all but one of their sugar replacements from their menu!

Clutch Coffee Bar offers lots of other syrups that are not sugar-free.  Their syrup menu has something for everyone!

coffee drink in clear plastic cup

Clutch Coffee Locations

Clutch Coffe has locations in these cities:

Greensboro, NC

Mooresville, NC

Williamson, NC

Winston Salem, NC

Clemmons, NC

Coming soon:

Cooper City, FL

Margate, FL

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