Dirty Fries, Winston Salem, NC

Join Wendi and Sarah as they travel to Winston Salem, NC to try out Dirty Fries!  Dirty Fries is a newly opened fry shop in Winston Salem.  Did their fries make an impression on the Dorks?  Listen to Find out!

Fries covered in Ranch

Dirty Fries, Winston Salem NC

Wendi and Sarah visited Dirty Fries at 2440 N Liberty St, in downtown Winston Salem!  This is a new restaurant in the Winston Salem area and has only been open since late August and the Dorks were happy to go and try it out!

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How to Find Dirty Fries

Dirty Fries is located at 2440 N Liberty St in downtown Winston Salem.  It is right off of why 52.

The Menu

The menu for Dirty Fries is fairly small with lots of possibilities.  There are a few recommended combinations of sauces and things like their Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries which include chicken, bacon, and Ranch in the list of ingredients.  They also have a Choose your own adventure type section of the menu where you can pick your fries and all of the toppings that you could want.

two menu boards on a black background

Price Range

Everything on the menu was between $10-$15 which we felt was a little expensive for fries.  However, you can get half portions of all of the fry orders which makes them less expensive.

Important Tips

egg rolls in a to go container

The parking lot is fairly small so going right at mealtimes would be slightly more difficult.  We also recommend the half portions because you still get a ton of food!

How to Dress for Dirty Fries

fries covered in red and white sauce

This is a casual dining establishment, many wore shorts and t-shirts!


The parking lot for Dirty Fries is fairly small so carpool if you are meeting people!


There is no seating, take out only1


fries covered with steak and cheese in a togo container

The menu is fairly straightforward.  We recommend the Soul Rolls!  They are absolutely a must-get!

Is This A Date Night Place

Personally, we wouldn’t consider this a date night place, unless your date nights include getting take-out!


The portions are fairly large so we recommend getting the half portions so you can try more!

What We Ordered and What We Thought

We ordered:

The Soul Rolls, The Cheese Steak Fries, The Ms. Piggy Fries, and The Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries

We would absolutely go back!

Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah 10/10
  • Wendi 10/10

Other Topics Covered on The Podcast

  • Favorite things:
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  • Food History: The history of the french fries!  Info can be found on Wikipedia

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