Dom’s – Vegan Restaurant – Winston Salem NC

Join Wendi and Sarah as they recount their trip to Dom’s in Winston Salem.  Dom’s is the first fully vegan restaurant that the dorks have visited.  What did they thin?  Listen to find out!

Dom’s Winston Salem NC


Wendi, Sarah, Richie and Sarah’s long time friend Molly all went to try Dom’s in Winston Salem.  Dom’s is a restaurant that has an all vegan menu!  They are showing off they flavors of vegetables rather than overly processed meat alternatives. You can check out their website here!

bright green soup

How to Find Dom’s

Dom’s is located at 124 N Spruce St. in Downtown Winston Salem.  It is located near several theatres and local shops.  Its a great area to eat and then to check out the downtown area.

The Menu at Dom’s


The Menu at Dom’s is very small but it has something for everyone.  They have small plates and salads, Entrees, deserts and drinks.  They have a few items in each category.  We recommend the poutine and the Korean BBq Cauliflower!

fried cauliflower on white plate

Price Range

Because Dom’s is using fresh vegetables for almost all of their menu, their prices are a little bit higher.  It is an upscale place and worth the $12-18 price tag for the entrees.

Important Tips

  • Dom’s is a “slow food” place.  Plan for at least an hour and a half to relax and enjoy your meal.
  • The parking lot is small so keep that in mind when meeting a group there
  • You have to make a reservation and put down a reservation deposit.  You are only charged if you don’t show up.

How to Dress for Dom’s


This is a casual dining establishment, many wore shorts and t-shirts or khakis and polo shirts.

fries with crispy onion on top


There is a parking lot for Dom’s but it is small.  I would recommend taking as few cars as possible and arriving early to ensure that you can find parking.



You must wait for the host to seat you and you will likely need a reservation.

Is This A Date Night Place

Absolutely!  This would be an excellent date night spot!


The portions are a good size.  We were all full and satisfied but there wasn’t any extra food to take home.

mushrooms in a bowl

What We Ordered and What We Thought

We ordered:

Korean BBQ Cauliflower

The Soup of the Day, Asparagus Potato Soup

The Mushroom Trio

The Poutine

The Mushroom Burger

burger with fries on white plate


Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah 9/10
  • Wendi 9/10

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