Dorks with Sporks EP #5 – Redd’s Donuts
One small portion of the donuts at Redd's Donuts

Dorks with Sporks EP #5 – Redd’s Donuts

Join Wendi and Sarah as they travel to Lexington North Carolina, to try Redd’s Donuts.

Redd’s Donuts!

Redd’s Donuts is a cute dinner space on Main street in downtown Lexington with an interesting history.  To hear more about the owners and how the donuts tasted be sure to listen!

View of a steet crossing. The Redd's Donut store front is across the street with a white sign and red lettering.
Redd’s Donuts store front
Glass case with different types of donuts. Some have icing with sprinkles, some have a sugar coating.
Some of the donuts Redd’s has to offer.
Glass case full of different types of donuts with chocolate and vanilla icing.
One small portion of the donuts at Redd’s Donuts
Cute brown and white dog with tongue out.
This is Hero! He is available for adoption through Carolina Boxer Rescue. We were able to start his transport to the good life while we were out recording this episode.  You can read more about him here!


Carolina Boxer Rescue – Hero


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