Dorks with Sporks Season 2 EP # 14 – Chicken Tender Palooza

Join Wendi and Sarah as they try

chicken tenders from four fast-food restaurants to see if Sarah can distinguish where they came from in a blind taste test.

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  1. Laura

    I loved this! It’s like visiting with you right in the same room (but I don’t talk or interject…LOL).
    I do not eat much (any?) fast food, but now I may have to try Zaxby’s chicken per your conversation. Zaxby’s also wins best sign when traveling and playing alphabet game, because it helps to end the game!
    Great job, ladies!

    1. Wendi

      Hi Laura! Thanks for visiting! I hope you will come back! We rarely do fast food, so…. there’s that. 🙂

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