Dorks with Sporks Season ONE Trailer!

Dorks with Sporks Season ONE Trailer!

Hey everyone!  Here is the trailer for Season One of Dorks with Sporks.

Join us on our Mother-Daughter Adventures in Take-Out.  We explore lots of restaurants and local haunts around the Southeastern United States and YOU can come along!


The opinions you hear on this show are just that, opinions. I have one, you have one and my mom has one, but hers is probably wrong.

***Now back to the info***

Two times per month you can travel along with us to try take-out from some interesting places.  Along the way, we will discuss what we know about the establishment, the history, and most importantly the Food!  Inevitably we get off track and talk about our family memories surrounding food or certain topics.

You may be asking yourself “Why would I listen to two chicks advice on restaurants?” Well, we are somewhere between foodies and people who just enjoy eating.  We both have backgrounds in the food industry.  I (Sarah) have worked in some of Western North Carolina’s finest kitchens and restaurants both as a server and a chef.  Wendi has a world-famous food blog that receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every month and has over 400 recipes! So yeah we know what we are talking about Karen.

Anyway…Join us on our fun adventures and all the crazy things that happen along the way like, car malfunctions, bikers under bridges, pug rescues, Duke Life Flights and so much more!


Chicken Stock Recipe


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  1. Carole

    I’m thankful for my daughter, her husband and my 2 kids, just came back from visiting them in Oregon. Had so much fun. Memories are special.

    I would like the stock recipes Please

    1. Wendi

      Hi Carole! Thanks for leaving us a comment. I’ll put the stock recipe on the trailer notes and then you’ll have it!

  2. Carole Averill

    Glad you have those memories of your grandson singing happy birthday

    1. Wendi

      Hi Carole! Thanks so much for leaving us a comment! I think it is so sweet that we have him singing on recording. lol. So precious!

    1. Wendi

      Hey Ben! We think YOU have a COOL name too! 🙂 Hope you’ll listen in starting September 15! 🙂

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