Hole Doughnuts, Asheville NC – DWS Season 3 EP# 4

Hole Doughnuts in Asheville, NC

On this trip to Asheville, Wendi and Sarah get to taste the delicious Hole Doughnuts!

Hole doughnuts are the best doughnuts in Asheville.  They have a unique single yeasted recipe and man are they amazing!  We loved these doughnuts and think you will too.  As far as doughnuts in Asheville these are the best.  Check out Hole Doughnuts Here!

Hole Doughnuts Recipe

Hole doughnuts use a single yeasted recipe for their pastries.  They also use organic stone ground flour, unrefined organic cane sugar, sea salt, cage-free eggs, and whole butter, and are fried in non-GMO rice bran oil!  These doughnuts are made with quality ingredients and it shows!  This is a doughnut recipe made right!  Their doughnuts are hand-formed giving each one its own unique look.  They are light and airy and will have you begging for more.  The different flavors are complementing to the delicious doughnut.  They feature one unique doughnut each week.

Doughnuts in Asheville

On this trip to Hole Doughnuts in Asheville Wendi, and Sarah ordered a baker’s half dozen!  They ordered the Vanilla glazed, and they’re daily special the Ginger Basil doughnut.  They sells doughnuts individually, by the bakers half dozen, and by the baker’s dozen (13)

Hole Doughnuts Menu

The menu board at the doughnut shop is a little different…its actual doughnuts!  They hang some example doughnuts on a pegboard with a description of them underneath the doughnut.  Each week they feature a new recipe alongside their staple flavors.  The staple flavors are:

Vanilla Glazed ($2)

Cinnamon & Sugar($2.72)

Toasted Almond Sesame Cinnamon($2.75)

Seasonal Flavor that Changes every week($2.75)

The price of the doughnuts ranges from $2-$2.75 per doughnut.  They sell a half dozen (7 doughnuts) for $15 and a Baker’s dozen for $30.  They also sell Coffees, nitro cold brews, teas, milk, and orange juice.

What did we think??

We loved them and gave them a 10 out of 10!  We highly recommend that you visit this doughnut shop in Asheville.  You won’t regret it.  The doughnuts are amazing and the staff are wonderful and are providing a sweet experience all the way around!


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