New Sichuan – Winston Salem, NC

Annnnndd.. We’re Back!! Sarah and Wendi are finally back after their holiday/Covid exposure hiatus!  They are kicking things off with a bang and trying Winston-Salems best rated Chinese restaurant..New Sichuan!  Does it compare to their favorite Sichuan restaurant in Chicago?  Listen to find out!


New Sichuan – Winston Salem NC

Sarah and Wendi are trying New Sichuan in Winston Salem today.  New Sichuan was rated the best Chinese restaurant in Winston Salem, in 2020!

New Sichuan has American Chinese dishes like Orange Chicken, and they have traditional Sichuan dishes like DanDan Noodles, and Dry Pot Chicken.

How to Find New Sichuan

New Sichuan is located at 2125 Silas Creek Parkway in Winston Salem.  It is located in an old Biscuitville but has been completely renovated.

Noodles in a bowl

The Menu

The Menu is very user-friendly and broken up into categories.  They have appetizers, like dumplings and egg rolls, typical Chinese dishes like orange chicken, Sichuan Noodle dishes, and Sichuan dishes.  They have something for everyone!

Price Range

The prices range from $8- $17.  The dishes that include harder-to-find ingredients like tripe are more expensive.

Important Tips

If you aren’t sure about things that are on the menu, they have a printed menu book with photos and recommendations of dishes to try!

Fried chicken on plate with brown sauce

How to Dress for New Sichuan

You can come casual or formal for New Sichuan!


New Sichuan has a small parking lot to park in.  The entrance is a little small and there isn’t much signage for the restaurant.  It is easy to miss.


You can seat yourself!


We recommend the Sichuan Wontons!  They are amazing!

Is This A Date Night Place

This restaurant would be a fun date night place to try something new!  Or if you wanted to impress your date with your “best-kept secrets in Winston Salem” knowledge!

Steamed wontons on plate with red chili oil

Special Covid Instructions

They are currently using lots of plastic silverware and plates.  We were not sure if this was due to Covid issues or just the usual.  The restaurant was VERY clean and the tables were spaced out to allow for social distancing.


The portion sizes are totally manageable.  They aren’t giving you so much food that you couldn’t possibly eat it all.

What We Ordered and What We Thought

Sarah Ordered the Crispy Garlic Chicken.  IT WAS DELICIOUS!! It was one of the best meals that I have had doing Dorks with Sporks!

Wendi ordered the DanDan Noodles and thought they were equally delicious!  They were spicy and wonderful!

Sarah and Wendi shared the Sichuan Wontons.  These were pork wontons that were steamed and had red chili oil drizzled on top.  They were also delicious!  Sarah said she thought they were better than Dumpling Lady in Charlotte!

Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah – 10/10!!!!
  • Wendi – 10/10!!!

Other Topics Covered on The Podcast

Be sure to listen to our podcast as we also discuss…. (only put bullet point info here, teaser info)

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  • Food History – General food information from the Sichuan Province in China
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