SoKno Taco, Knoxville Tennessee

Join Wendi and Sarah on their trip to Knoxville, Tennessee!  On their trip they tired out SoKno Taco in South Knoxville.  Did the SoKno impress the dorks?  Listen to find out!

SoKno Taco, Knoxville Tennessee

SoKno Taco is located in South Knoxville, near the University of Tennessee campus.  It has a college dive bar look and feel.  It is located at 3701 Sevierville Pike, Knoxville Tennessee.

table next to open door

How to Find SoKno Taco

Sokno taco is located in a residential area of south Knoxville.  It is easy to locate because of the line of people waiting to get tacos!  Its a light blue colored building and has lovely outdoor seating.  The address is 3701 Sevierville Pike, Knoxville Tennessee.

You can find out more about SoKno Taco here!

The Menu

The menu features all kinds of different taco options, it also has appetizers, and deserts.  They have several options for taco fillings, like mushroom, tofu, and more traditional taco fillings like carne asada, and carnitas.

You can see the full menu here!

rice, beans, and taco on a plate

Price Range

The prices ranged from $11-13 for an entree, and $4 per taco, a la carte.

Important Tips

  • Get there early.  We spent a lot of time waiting because they were super busy
  • Try to sit outside!  Its a lovely area and their outdoor seating spot is very nice

How to Dress for SoKno Taco

This is a casual dining establishment, many wore shorts and t-shirts or khakis and polo shirts.

people sitting at a bar


The parking lot was a small gravel lot.  I would recommend arriving early and carpooling with your group.


There is a host who will seat you.

Is This A Date Night Place

This would be a great spot for a date for college students.

Blue building


The tacos were on the smaller side, but if you order the taco platter you get some sides so its a good sized meal.

What We Ordered and What We Thought

We ordered, the carne asada tacos and the carnitas tacos.  While we enjoyed the vibes of the restaurant the food was just okay.  If we were in Knoxville again, we aren’t sure that we would go back.

Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah 7 /10
  • Wendi 5/10

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Favorite things:

    • Sarah – we forgot…whomp whomp
    • Wendi
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