The Airport Drive-In, Madison NC

Join Wendi, Sarah and HOTs for another special birthday episode!  On today’s outing the crew went to Madison NC, to try The Airport Drive-In!  Join us for this episode and find out if the Airport Drive-In meets the dorks expectations.

onion rings and a burger in a basket

The Airport Drive-In

The Airport Drive In is located in Madison NC.  The interior looks like every diner you have seen in any small town America.  There were photos of someones grandma on the walls, and there was a counter with short black stools.  The restaurant was full of local folks getting a bite to each on their lunch break.

How to find The Airport Drive-In

The Airport Drive-In is located at 910 Ayersville Rd. in Madison, North Carolina.  It can be difficult to miss because the building is run down and if there weren’t cars in the parking lot you might think the building is abandoned.

The Menu

The menu boasts of typical diner fare, hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken tenders and sandwiches.  The menu is fairly large and also includes breakfast items, like biscuits, gavy, and eggs.

Price Range

The menu was very fairly priced.  Menu items ranged from $5 for most breakfast items, to $8-10 for lunch items.

Important Tips

The restaurant is “seat yourself”.  So just head in and pick a seat and a waitress will be at your table shortly.

plate with bbq, slaw, and tater tots

How to Dress for *Put Name of Restaurant*

This is a very casual restaurant.  Any clothes wil do.


The Airport Drive in has its own parking lot.  It is gravel so there aren’t designated spots but the lot is fairly large.


The Airport Drive in is seat yourself.  Just find an open seat! 

Is This A Date Night Place

No.  I would not call this a date night place.


The portion sizes are average.  They weren’t super big but not super small either.

What We Ordered and What We Thought

Sarah ordered the chicken tender basket with fries, and hushpuppies.  Hots ordered the Barbecue plate, with tater tots, hushpuppies and coleslaw.  Wendi ordered the Homemade Hamburger, with fries and hushpuppies.

Everyone really enjoyed the hushpuppies but the rest of the meal was just ok.

fries, chicken tenders, and hushpuppies on a plate

H2 – Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah 5/10 
  • Wendi 6/10
  • HOTS 6/10

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