The Bagel Station – Winston Salem

Join Wendi and Sarah on today’s episode, where the ladies try Bagles at Winston Salems “The Bagel Station”!  Learn all about how the water in New York actually changes the NYC bagels and the dork’s food flashbacks regarding the delicious bread.

Bagels with cream cheese

The Bagle Station – Winston Salem NC

Sarah and Wendi are trying something they have never had on the show before…Bagels!!  They are traveling to Winston Salem to test The Bagel Station.

The Bagel Station has two locations in Winston, one in Whitacker Square off of Peacehaven Rd. and the other on Oakwood Dr.  They have a large selection of Bagel flavors and different smears.

Find their locations here!

How to Find The Bagel Station

The Bagel Station has two locations in Winston Salem.  Wendi and Sarah visited the store at 1977 Peacehaven Rd. Winston Salem.  The store is located in a shopping center that is home to a few other restaurants and a grocery store.

Bagels lined up

The Menu

The Bagel Station has about every kind of bagel you could ever want, along with every kind of smear or topping your heart desires.  They have lox bagels, multicolored bagels, the classics like The Everything Bagle and Cinnamon Raison.  They have smears and sandwiches, and drinks!

Check out their menu here!

Price Range

The Bagels range in price from $1-$9 per bagel, with the highest price bagel being a smoked salmon bagel.  The sandwiches range from $7-$10 per sandwich.

Important Tips

  • They sell their smears in larger size tubs!  So if you have a favorite you can buy to have at home!
  • They are only open until 2 pm so make sure that you get there early

How to Dress for The Bagel Station

This is a casual dining establishment, many wore shorts and t-shirts.

Bagels with cream cheese


The Bagel Station is located in a strip mall type area so there is lots of parking!


When we arrived all of the chairs were stacked on the tables.  It could have been close to closing time, or due to covid.  Plan on possibly taking your bagel to go.


Ordering was very straightforward and the employees were fairly friendly and willing to help with our orders.

Is This A Date Night Place

ummmm….if you date is craving a bagel and it’s before 2 pm…then sure?? But if you are trying to impress your date I wouldn’t recommend it.

Special Covid Instructions

There was a “No Mask No Service” sign on the door so remember your mask!  There also appeared to be no indoor seating at this time.


The bagels were average-sized bagels.  Maybe a little on the large size.  They did give plenty of smear!

What We Ordered and What We Thought

We both ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese and chive smear.  We both loved the cream cheese but the bagel was just ok.

Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah 7/10
  • Wendi 6/10

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