VanLeeuwen’s Werid Flavor Ice Cream

Join Wendi, HOTS, and Sarah as they try the VanLeeuwen’s Ice Cream!  The Dorks are trying their limited edition ice cream flavors, Royal Wedding Cake, Planet Earth, Hot Honey, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and Pizza….

VanLeeuwen’s Ice Cream

VanLeeuwen’s Limited Edition Ice Creams hit the shelves at Walmart in early May.  These strange flavored ice creams have been making a splash on Tiktok due to the interesting flavor profiles of the ice cream.  They range from fairly normal…Royal Wedding Cake to down right werid with Pizza flavored ice cream…which has a swirl of tomato sauce in the ice cream.

ice cream pints stacked in pyramid

Our Spork Rating

  • Royal Wedding Cake 5/10, 7/10
  • Planet Earth 6/10, 2/10
  • Hot Honey 9/10
  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 7/10, 5/10, 3/10
  • Pizza 4/10 ,6/10, 5/10

ice cream with red swirl

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