Whitaker Square Pizza – Dorks with Sporks Season 3 Ep# 27

Join Wendi, Sarah, and their extra special guest Weston on today’s episode of Dorks with Sporks.  Weston hasn’t joined us on the show for a while and we were super excited to have him help us rate one of his favorite foods, Pizza!  In today’s episode, we went to Whitaker Square Pizza, in Winston Salem NC.  Is this pizza 5 year old approved? Listen to find out!

Pizza with a slice taken out in box

Whitaker Square Pizza

Wendi, Weston, and Sarah all drove to Whitaker Square Pizza off of Peace Haven Rd. in Winston Salem, NC.  It was a lovely day so we sat on the tailgate of the truck to have an after-school snack!

We ordered a large half pepperoni, half cheese pizza, and an order of buffalo wings.  The pizza was hot and super cheesy and 5 year old approved!

wings in a plastic container

Whitaker Square Pizza Location

Whitaker Square Pizza is located in a shopping center off of Peace Haven Rd. in Winton Salem NC.  The sign is a bit small and a little hard to spot.  The restaurant is small inside and due to covid, they have removed their indoor seating.

Whitaker Square Pizza Menu

They have a fairly large menu and there is something for everyone!  Its typical pizzas place fair, like pizza, wings, calzone’s and stromboli’s but they have other things that set it apart from your typical chain restaurant.

Their specialty pizzas are truly special!  You can order a Chicken Broccoli Alfredo pie, a La Siciliana which is topped with fried eggplant among other toppings, and any kind of salad or wrap you could dream up.

Check out their full menu on Facebook

Price Range

The pizzas range in size and price.  The cheapest and smallest pizza starts at 12 inches and 9 dollars.  The largest pizza is 20 inches and $14.50!  Specialty pizzas are a bit more in price and range from $13-$20, and appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and wraps all range from $3-9 dollars.

Important Tips

How to Dress for Whitaker Square Pizza

This is a casual dining environment and due to covid, they are not allowing indoor seating or eating.


Since this restaurant is in a shopping center there is plenty of parking in front of the building.


There is no indoor seating at this time.


Ordering for this restaurant is very straightforward and simple.  You can order in the store or call and order ahead.

Is This A Date Night Place

I don’t think I would consider this a date night place unless date night is ordering pizza take-out!

Special Covid Instructions

Employees are wearing masks per the Winston Salem City ordinance at the time of recording.  The restaurant also removed the tables and chairs due to covid.


The pizza was fairly large for the price and the slices were typical pizza slices.  The wings were average in size.

What We Ordered and What We Thought

We ordered a half pepperoni, half cheese pizza, and an order of buffalo wings.  Wendi and Sarah gave Whitaker Square Pizza a 9 out of 10 sporks and Weston gave them a perfect 10!  We will be going back!

Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah – 9
  • Wendi – 9
  • Weston – 10

Other Topics Covered on The Podcast

Be sure to listen to our podcast as we also discuss…. (only put bullet point info here, teaser info)

  • Favorite things:
    • Sarah – likes nothing this week
    • Wendi – New Duvet Cover
    • Weston – Book titled “Butts are Everywhere”
  • Food Flashbacks –  2021 Halloween pizza, and Choking on cheese at the dixie classic fair

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