Wolf Hills Coffee – Abingdon VA

Join Wendi and Sarah in Abingdon VA to try Wolf Hills Coffee!  Wolf Hills is a local coffee shop serving up locally brews.  Do the dorks enjoy their coffee or did they have to stop at Starbucks?

Wolf Hills Coffee, Abingdon VA

Wendi and Sarah are traveling through Abingdon VA on their trip to Knoxville TN!  On this trip they stoped at Lukes Cafe and at Wolf Hills Coffee!

Wolf Hills Coffee is located at 112 Court Street, and is a local hot spot!   You can check out their website here.

How to find Wolf Hills Coffee

Wolf Hills Coffee is located at 112 Court Street, Abingdon VA.  Its on a side street next to the Abingdon Court house and is a little hard to spot!  Make sure that you plan extra time in you trip to find parking because parking is limited.

The Menu

Wolf Hills coffee has a wide variety of items on their menu.  Including Coffees, Teas, and pastries.  They also serve beers and wines!  You can see their menu here

Price Range

The coffee prices were pretty average for a cup of coffee.  Our drinks were $4-$5 per drink.

Important Tips

How to Dress for Wolf Hills Coffee

This is a casual dining establishment, many wore shorts and t-shirts or khakis and polo shirts.


Parking is very limited for Wolf Hills.  There is only street parking.  There is a lot across the street from the coffee shop but that is for court house employees only.

Is This A Date Night Place

This would be a great spot for a first coffee date!

What We Ordered and What We Thought

Sarah ordered a medium oat milk latte with a little bit of white chocolate syrup, and Wendi ordered a medium vanilla iced coffee.  We both really enjoyed our coffee and we would go back next time we are in the area.

Our Spork Rating

  • Sarah 8/10
  • Wendi 7/10

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